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‘Gucci’ Grace Files For Divorce- After 21 Years Of Marriage With Robert Mugabe

The former first lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe, leaves her husband after 21 years of marriage to worry about her role as irresponsible first lady and to be a scourge for the national economy.

The world is in shock today after sources close to Mugabe’s family confirmed that Grace had filed for a divorce on Wednesday. The woman born in South Africa has expressed her concern about her role as Zimbabwe’s first official lady, saying it is time for her to enjoy a peaceful life, and she is not ready to be ridiculed in the years to come.

Her ostracism and the resignation of her husband as Zimbabwe’s leader has gradually become a deadly headache. “She was very upset after her husband gave up power to his ousted vice president,” said a source close to the family. “She wanted a first lady role, no subordinate woman”.

“Nor is she ready to leave her luxurious lifestyle to go to a captive house. she thinks the scenery is scornful and irreparable “as reported by the source.

Other reports claim that the key figure and center of the current Zimbabwean political crisis “Gucci Grace” has filed for divorce on alleged claims to avoid any further embarrassment and disgrace that has already struck his family. Grace Mugabe divorces her husband so that she can rid herself of ridicule.

Justice spokeswoman Lawrence Brown confirmed that the divorce proceedings were ongoing and that if both parties agreed, they could separate in about a month.




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