A Group Of Builders Saved A Johannesburg Man From Being Hijacked In His Driveway

A group of 28 builders are going viral for heroically saving a man from being hijacked in his driveway.

A post on Facebook about the story, has been shared nearly 10,000 times since it was posted on the 6th of May 2017.

Around 28 men working on a CT Building Contractors building site took on criminals attempting to hijack Dino Salgado.

“There were construction workers building houses next to us at the time and when they saw an armed man getting out the Golf R they proceeded to throw half-bricks and huge rocks at the car, screaming “get out of here Totsi’s!’” – Dino Salgado

The gunman started opening fire on the builders who refused to run and heroically continued to throw rocks until the criminals fled. The criminals left with a broken windscreen and side mirrors.

“I would just like to thank the 28 workers who launched that endless volley of debris at the hikackers so that I had enough time to speed into my garage and close it.🙂 Nice to see South Africans united against crime, you guys are champions!” – Dino Salgado

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