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“We Grew Up Hating Each Other” – Cassper Opens Up On Rocky Relationship With His Sister, Thuto

Rapper Cassper has disclosed that his older sister, Thuto and himself weren’t always the best of friends. In fact they shared quite a rocky relationship in the past.

In a heart-warming Instagram post Cassper has opened up about how their bond has changed over the years, and the reason for naming his upcoming album after her.

“Thuto is my elder sister’s name and I decided to drop the album on the 7 May cause it’s her birthday. We grew up hating each other because my ego wouldn’t let me be treated as a little brother by someone who was only one year older than me. It’s crazy cause right now, she’s literally like my mom,” he said.

Cassper added that today he couldn’t imagine life without her.

“(She) takes care of me and my friends at the crib and I don’t know what I would do without her nurturing and how she makes my house feel homely. She has brought so much sanity into my life ever since she moved in with us and I realized how much I actually can’t live without family,” he said.

The rapper explained that his highly-anticipated album is named after Thuto, because she reminded him of who he was as a kid.

“Making this album was very difficult cause I was sooo jaded and my sister was the person that reminded me of who I was as a kid and why I started rapping.”

Sweet neh?


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