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Great Locations To Host Your Fashion Runway In South Africa

If you’re reading here, you undoubtedly have an appreciation for high-end fashion – as, of course, do we.

However, even those of us who choose to be involved with this industry and lifestyle are forced to acknowledge on the occasion, that there aren’t that great opportunities out in the world to flaunt runway-calibre looks.

You can always look your best, of course, and always show some stylish flair. But chances to really show off top-of-the-line, fashion-forward outfits are few and far between.  It’s for that reason that we’re always on the lookout for the places and opportunities that can offer exception.

Aside from your standard fashion shows and other industry-related events, there are few places around South Africa where runway fashion will fit right in.  

The Test Kitchen (Cape Town) 

You won’t find a finer restaurant in Cape Town or all of South Africa, either from a dining or atmospheric standpoint. The Test Kitchen appeared last year on a list of African dining gems (which is also on the list for “World’s 50 Best Restaurants”) and has really become a staple as the city’s top fine dining recommendation.

A combination of international and local cuisine is served in succession, and between the Dark Room (a mix of steam punk and moody Alpine chic, as the write-up put it) and the Light Room you’ll enjoy slightly offbeat yet undeniably stylish surroundings. All of this, plus a high-end clientele, make it an ideal place to flaunt your fashion.  

Johannesburg Botanical Garden (Johannesburg) 

For whatever reason we tend to think primarily of indoor venues and attractions when wondering where to dress our best. But high-end fashion means lighter, looser, warm-weather attire as well, and there can be no better place to wear such pieces than at a beautifully-manicured garden in a major city. There are a few appropriate options around South Africa, but the Johannesburg Botanical Garden is as good or better than any. It’s comprised of a large, park-like venue full of beautiful flowers and shrubs and open spaces, and makes for a lovely for a stroll in your finest outdoor fashion.  

Sun City Casino Resort (Rustenberg)  

Like people in the rest of the world, some in South Africa have gotten used to finding casino content online and via apps. Some free casino apps are essentially available worldwide, and British and Irish gaming sites present a fantastic variety of slots that can be accessed anywhere online gambling laws allow it.

This has largely drawn attention away from in-person casinos – but it certainly can’t stop the big resorts, like Rustenberg’s Sun City. As you may know, this is a vast resort with multiple hotels, pool areas, and golf courses. There’s a theme park-like vibe to parts of it, but it’s also still a world-class resort, with plenty of areas where you’ll fit right in wearing your nicest items.  

Artscape Theatre Centre (Cape Town)  

First opened in the early 1970s, the Artscape Theatre Centre remains the primary performing arts venue in Cape Town, and has been listed as one of the city’s top indoor attractions.

It’s not as fancy or extravagant as other arts venues you’ll find in major cities around the world, but it’s still the place to go for top-notch theatre, musical, and even operatic performances. It’s not a massive venue (or rather, set of venues), so there’s an intimacy to it, but it’s still a perfectly acceptable place to opt for high-end fashion.  

Restaurant Mosaic (Elandsfontein)  

Restaurant Mosaic was another place mentioned on the aforementioned list of dining gems in South Africa, and is another perfect option for anyone looking for a place to showcase runway styles.

Known fully as Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient, it’s a restaurant that revolves around beauty. The dishes are presented elegantly, the restaurant boasts Art Nouveau décor plucked from Parisian inspiration, and the surroundings of The Orient Hotel and the Francolin Conservancy are palace-like. If ever you get the chance to visit, you’ll love dressing your best.


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