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Google Launches Video Call App Duo in South Africa


Google has launched a new video phone app Duo in South Africa and around the world.

According to Google the app works off your phone number‚ and provides simple one-to-one calling, working off both wifi and cellular networks‚ handing over a call from one to another as you move into or out of WiFi range.

The app includes a Knock Knock feature to give you a preview of your incoming calls. This feature can be turned off‚ but not on an individual basis. If you are on iOS‚ it will only work if the app is already open.

According to Google‚ Duo is optimised to connect faster than other video apps‚ and to make sure the video always stays in sync even on 2G networks.

Unlike Google’s other videophone app‚ Hangouts‚ which allows messaging‚ group chats and works on desktops, Duo only does video calls between two people.

Duo will be rolling out in app stores over the next few days. You can pre-register for the app or get it here:

  • Get it on Android.
  • Get it on iOS.

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