Google Introduces Ambient Mode To Assistant

As good as Google Assistant is, it has never really felt adequately integrated into the Android operating system. The latest ambient mode feature could finally help make Google Assistant more prominent in the way you use your Android phone.

The main problem with Google Assistant is that it’s always at least a tap and hold away. Now being a single tap and hold away is great for most apps.

However, the problem with AI assistants is that they’re often smarter than we think. There are tons of daily tasks that Assistant has information about that we never get the benefit of because of that tap and hold that’s necessary.

So instead we tend to check our schedule on our calendar or open maps to see where we’ve parked.

Ambient Mode on Google Assistant: What you need to know

Google’s Nest/Home smart displays have led the way by creating a user experience that showcases Google Assistant’s capabilities. The next step for the Android team is to roll out the smart display type functionality to mobiles.

Google have posted a video that shows the new Ambient Mode feature for Google Assistant running on an Android device.The new features was first announced back in September at IFA 2019, but only for a limited number of Lenovo and Nokia devices.

It seems now that Ambient Mode is on its way to a lot more devices soon, even if Google have taken a slightly subdued approach to announce it.

So far Google have just released a YouTube video and a few tweets to confirm that the new features is coming to even more devices.

From what Google have shown us so far, it looks like ambient mode could be quiet useful. Ambient Mode will move calendar info, notifications, weather and smart home controls onto your lock screen.

What can Ambient Mode do?

Google Assistant has great contextual information, and finally, we’ll be able to access it right from our lock screen. With the Assistant data front and centre, I can see a lot more people interacting with their android devices via the Assistant.

It will also make it easier for Google to educate users about the Assistant’s new and existing functionality as long as Ambient Mode adds value to users lock screens.

According to the YouTube video, Ambient mode is on its way to select devices with Android 8.0 and higher.

However Google later confirmed via Twitter that Ambient Mode is on its way to Nokia, Xiaomi, Sony, and Transsion phones, plus the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab and the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 HD with charging station.


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