Google Home Now Supports Stereo Speaker Pairing

The fact that Google actually doesn’t have an online store or official distributor in the country means that we’ve had to rely on imports.

However, more and more retailers are offering smart speakers, and more importantly, there’s finally been a trickle of connected devices.

I decided to take the plunge and grab a Google Home Mini at Comic Con last month. Were it not for stock shortages online, I’d probably have replaced all our lights with smart bulbs by now as well.

In the pursuit of a connected (Google) home

As our house is pretty small, the plan was to have three Google Minis around the house, eventually. Probably. That was until Google announced we could now hook up two Google speakers as a pair that will play your music in stereo.

This feature was launched for the new Nest Mini speakers, but it seems it will be available for the original Google Home and Home Mini too.

While the sound of the smart speakers are surprisingly good for what they are, the lack of stereo has meant that I’ve been playing all my music via my Android box connected to my TV and its connected sound.

I’ll probably keep doing that anyway, but it might just mean I’ll be in the market for a few more smart speakers to give myself some more options around the house.

So how do you set it up?

Once you’ve paired both of your smart speakers up in the Google Home app and in the speaker settings, you’ll see an option for Speaker pair.

This will let you select two of your smart speakers and assign a left and right channel to each one. After you’ve done the setup, your speaker pair will be treated as a single speaker.

You’ll be able to assign it to a room as usual, and all the settings for your speaker pair will apply to both speakers as will your music controls and volume commands.

Speakers to the left, to the left

To make sure your Assistant keeps listening to you correctly and there’s no potential cross-talk between the devices, only the speaker you assign to the left channel will have always listening on enabled.

That means that only the speaker you assigned as left will light up when you wake the speaker pair with a voice command.

In case you were wondering, if you decide that you want to go back to two mono devices, you’ll be able to separate your speaker pair again from the app.

The feature is available on both Google Home and the Google Home Mini. This is a great addition and such an obvious way to sell more speakers I don’t really understand why its taken this long for Google to add it.


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