Google Assistant Rolls Out Support For Third-Party Lists Apps

My Google Assistant and I have a love-hate relationship. The trusty AI assistant is great at controlling my phone, lights, and media player; everything plays nicely with one another, even if the interface annoy me at times.

Google now looks to be delivering on its promise to allow the use of 3rd-party list apps. While there are reports that this has gone live already, it doesn’t appear to be available here yet; at least not on my phone.

Google Assistant: The good parts and the bad

Google will be allowing users to connect to Google Keep,, AnyList and Bring!. When it goes live, you should be able to find it in your Assistant settings under Notes and Lists.

The major annoyance with Google Assistant, though, is that it doesn’t make lists well. Lists ensure that I have more than just mayonnaise in the fridge and know what birthday presents to buy.

The Assistant is also great at capturing notes. You can tell it whatever you need to be added to your notes and voila! Extra items are added to the list.

So, that sounds great, what’s the problem you ask? Well, I can only use the not-so-great web-based lists built into Google.

If I was the kind of heathen who lived a previously list-less life, then I’m sure having notes available in Google |Assistant would be great.

Where other list service shine

However, I’ve been making notes most of my life and they already have a home on the Internet. Most importantly, they live in apps that give me tons of freedom to work with my lists.

As a result, only my shopping lists have made their way into Google Assistant. Everything else is just a pain to manage and integrate with other information.

For example, I want to put together a list of ideas for places to go on holiday. Using Evernote or Google Keep, I can use tags to organise the information, and I’m able to add links and rich text.

These list apps even allow nesting information so you can have a nested list with accommodation ideas or entertainment ideas in each place.

Obviously, you’re never going to be able to do all that while talking to your Assistant. However, having all your lists in one place makes a difference.

Even if you’re just telling your Google Assistant to add Yerevan to your list of places to visit, at least your note will live in the same place as the rest of your places to visit.

This just makes sense and could be a game-changer for people like me that have been stuck only using Assistant’s lists to make sure the fridge is stocked with things other than condiments.


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