Good News! SA Post Office Launches App That Could Track Posted Parcels

You can now track your parcel via an app on your phone says the SA post office which launched a new free app for Android and iPhone devices.

The newly launched app makes tracking of parcels in the post very easy.

SAPO announced on Thursday that it has launched a new app dubbed the ‘South African Post Office’ which is available on the Google Play Store and iStore for Apple devices.

According to SA Post Office chief information officer Mthoko Mncwabe,  the app uses satellite navigation to show you all the SA post offices within a 10km radius of your home, and reveals at which ones you can renew your motor vehicle licence.

Not that alone, the app helps you track and trace South African and international parcels via the allocated tracking numbers and it gives reports on where the item was dispatched from and who collected it.

“This is intrinsic to our new strategy of modernizing our services as a group, with technology the critical enabler for customer solutions, “Reliability and convenience are requirements for customers in the 21 century,

“As a South African Post Office, we have adopted the use of technology to enhance our customers’ experience,” said Mncwabe.

SAPO’s decision to launch an app follows its unveiled e-Registered mail earlier this year. which contains a full audit trail and proof of delivery.

The ‘South African Post Office’ even allows users to scan the bar code of a track-and-trace label to track an item

However there is a note that warned that if you have friends or family overseas who are likely to post a gift to you or your loved ones, it’s worth warning them that if the gift’s declared value is more than the equivalent of R400, you’ll end up having to pay customs duty before you can get your hands on it.



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