Good to Know! South Africa’s Private Schools Achieve 98.87% Pass Rate in 2016 -IEB


The Independent Examination Board (IEB) has confirmed that, despite enrolling more private schools in 2016, the matric pass rate for its schools has increased.

While the department of (very) basic education has yet to announce the pass rate for schools under its administration, the IEB has once again exceeded expectations and announced an increase from 98.30% to 98.67%, despite enrolling more schools in 2016.

In addition to the results from SA’s private schools, the IEB reported that of those who matriculated:

  • 87.61% qualify to study towards a degree
  • 9.83% qualify for a diploma course and,
  • 1.23% for a Higher Certificate.

Umalusi, the body in charge of monitoring all exam results nationally, has said that the IEB’s exams were fair and declared the results valid.


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