Ginger Erecti0n and S3xual Health Benefits

Ginger Erecti0n and S3xual Health Benefits

Ginger Facts and History

Ginger root is the rhizone from the plant Zingiber officinale. Ginger is a perennial plant that can be found in many countries around the world including – China, India, South east Asia, Mexico, West Africa and the Caribbean. Although its been used for over 5,000 years as a healing herb in Chinese and Indian medicine, its also one of the most popular cooking spices in the world.

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The Herb Of Passion

Known as the herb of passion, it was mentioned in the Kama Sutra and Cleopatra, was also reported to be a fan. Ginger is known as a warming herb contains Gingerol, a chemical that is related capsaicin which is found in peppers. The heat generated in the body after taking the herbs is similar to the body heat, produced during s3xual arousal and this warming of the body increases sexual stimulation in the brain which is reflected in a high state of sexual arousal.

Increase Blood Flow to the P3nis

Ginger helps to increase the flow of blood around the body and to the genitals and the herb has the same vacillating properties as Ginkgo Biloba and green tea to dilate the blood vessels so there wider and able to carry more blood. Ginger inhibits the build up of cortisol which can cause weak erecti0ns or erectile dysfunction and works to maintain healthy blood pressure and reduces cholesterol which if both are high, can reduce the flow of blood into the p3nis. Finally, the herb acts as an overall heart and circulatory and immune system tonic.


There is no recommended daily intake of Ginger but 4 g of ginger per day, through foods or supplementation is seen us a good amount to take.

Side Effects

There are no reported dangerous side effects from taking Ginger although, if taken to excess ginger can cause heartburn, bloating or an upset stomach. There is evidence that it can react negatively with some medications and can interact with blood-thinning medicines but overall its a herb which is safe and has numerous health giving properties.

In Conclusion

Ginger not only has the ability to help men cure erectile dysfunction and get hard3r erecti0ns, the herb also acts as a general body tonic, preventing numerous health problems and helping to cure and relieve the symptoms of many illnesses. It’s a tasty herb and a great addition to anyone’s diet for general and s3xual health. If you don’t like the taste, simply take it as a daily supplement and you can find it, in all the best herbal erecti0n pills for men.


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