Gaddafi’s Millions In South Africa?

Gaddafi’s Millions In South Africa?

A committee of the United Nations has issued a report that indicates illegal transactions between Denel and a Libyan group have reached an advanced stage in which Rooivalk helicopters, Atlas Oryx helicopters and missile launchers and mortars were ordered.

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The order would be paid from the Gaddafi government’s “secret” assets that existed in South Africa. These negotiations took place despite an arms boycott against Libya but never realized.

According to the report, it is alleged that more than $ 800 million has been transferred from a Standard Bank account in SA to a Stanlib bank account in Kenya. No response could be obtained from Standard Bank, the National Conventional Arms Control Committee or the Department of Defense.

This is not the first time that mention of the Gaddafi millions is in South Africa. A few years ago, there was proof that he had sent a lot of money into the country, and after his death, nobody could formally claim it. Apparently, after the death of Gaddafi, Jacob Zuma allocated several millions of those funds to himself, and the speaker of parliament also benefitted from it.


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