Full List Of The Most Religious Countries In The World….Checkout South Africa’s Position

Ethiopia ranks as the number most religious nation in the world, according to data released by Pew Research Center data.
According to the report shared by the World Economic Forum, the 2015 Global Attitudes survey looked at how people around the world feel about religion. The survey found that 98% of Ethiopians consider religion a very important part of who they are.
In Ethiopia, nearly all of those questioned said that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was a very important part of who they are. Another African nation, Senegal, follows in second place. In the predominantly Muslim nation, 97% of the population consider religion an important part of who they are.
Other nations where more than nine in 10 people feel strongly about religion include Indonesia, Pakistan and Burkina Faso. South Africa is ranked the 17th most religious country in the world.
See the full list below:
source: Tori.ng

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