Four Technological Advances To Benefit South Africans In 2020

Those born in the last two decades often take high-speed internet and folding smartphones for granted. However, for those of us a little bit older, it’s often a bit overwhelming to think about just how far we’ve come.

Even with all the progress we’ve seen, 2020 is likely to be another giant leap forward for Internet speeds, smartphone technology, innovation and eCommerce.

To stay ahead of the changes, Quotes Advisor revealed where we are heading to in 2020.

Technological advancements in South Africa

5G connectivity

The coming year will see the deployment of the first 5G infrastructure. Pretty much all the major manufacturers promising 5G handsets so expect 5G to become a critical differentiator when choosing your next phone.

The 5G technology will allow speeds of 10 Gbps (10 000 Mbps), which should be about 10 to 100 times better than current 4G and 4.5G networks.

According to 5G Service provider, Rain, download speeds of 700Mbps are possible under perfect conditions, though speeds of around 200Mbps are closer to what we can expect in reality.

The only real question will be how fast Rain and the other service providers are able to get their 5G infrastructure in place. Rain currently only has 250 towers in place in South Africa.

Mobile app development

Apps have changed the way we bank, shop, and even order food. This trend will continue in the new year. The banking sector is already leading the way by extending the functionality of their apps to almost make traditional banks obsolete.

We’ve seen the notable entry of digital-only banking offerings from Tyme and discovery in the last twelve months. This trend will continue as apps become a critical service for many businesses rather than simply another medium for customers to do business.

This year we’ll see many more business and services flourish which don’t have an alternative outside of the apps they inhabit.

Google leading the race

Google seems to be everywhere. They have a hand in everything from self-driving cars to rolling out free internet under-served South African communities.

With the tech-giant acquiring Fitbit and doubling down on its Pixel phones, AI assistant, Nest Hardware and translation services 2020 could be a massive year for Google.

It’s already pretty much impossible to spend 24 hours without interacting with Google and its wide array of services. With the increase in voice search, we can only expect Google to become even more ubiquitous as the leverage machine learning and user data to move even further ahead of their competition.

An eCommerce boom

eCommerce is still in its infancy in South Africa, but if the annual increase in Black Friday revenue is anything to go by eCommerce is growing in popularity year on year.

A Visa survey found that 63% of South Africans still preferred making their purchases from malls and 76% of South Africans admitting to visiting a mall at least once a week.

Traditional retailers have understandably then taken a narrow approach to build eCommerce businesses.

A lot of South African buying behaviour is guided by social media and information found online. This is another important opportunity available to retailers in order to grow online sales.

Big online retailers are quickly normalizing the idea of purchasing everything from groceries, shoes and household appliances online.

While there’s still a long way to go 2020 is looking increasingly like the year that major retailers make a big push into eCommerce.


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