Fort Hare University Is A Century Old

As The University of Fort Hare celebrates 100 years of existence, President Jacob Zuma lauded the great role played by those who came from the university and liberated their countries.

The university has produced a number of notable leaders from, Pan Africanist Congress of Azania’s (PAC) Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe, Zimbabwean and President Robert Mugabe among other as part of its alumni.

President Zuma says Fort Hare is one of the most important universities on the continent.

Zuma says Fort Hare produced some of the greatest leaders, “the university was more than just a university but a place of meeting for great minds.”

The President also touched on the student protests at various universities in the country. He called on students to reflect and think deeply about their actions and to question whose interest they are serving when they go out to destroy their future.

Zuma says, “There can be no justification of anarchy especially when people have the freedom of speech and where government has formal platforms for engagement.”

Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma says the university is expected to produce those who will drive and develop agenda 2063, and transform the African continent’s economy.

Dr Dlamini-Zuma says the university will remain the barometer of thought.



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