Forbes Ranks 10 SA Insurers Among the Best in the World

Forbes has issued a list of the World’s Best Auto Insurance Companies 2024, which includes ten South African vehicle insurers.

The lists were prepared in collaboration with Statista. The lists were created by surveying over 45,000 customers in 15 countries between late January and mid-March.

Survey respondents had at least one insurance policy in the past ten years and were asked to suggest their insurer to others.

The study queried participants about their satisfaction with and loyalty to their insurer.

They also required to evaluate the insurance using factors such as personnel guidance, customer service, price performance, transparency, and damage service.

Here is a look at the top ten car insurers in South Africa:

Top ten car insurers in SA
1.Auto & GeneralJoburg1985
3.Dial DirectRiverglen
4.1st for WomenJoburg2005
6.Old MutualSandton1999
8.Budget InsuranceJoburg1998
10.SantamCape Town1918

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