FNB Tenders Apology For Erroneous Bank Deposits

A framework glitch which caused delays in the bank’s debit card exchanges brought about clients accepting they had gotten ‘free cash’.

First National Bank apologized on Wednesday after a number of their customers had reportedly woken up to irregularly large bank balances on Tuesday.

Many of them took to Twitter to query their luck which prompted others to check their own bank balances to see if they had also received the good fortune.

Speaking to Business Insider, FNB’s transactional banking spokesperson Daniel Kaan said that the incorrect balances in clients’ bank accounts were due to delayed debit card transactions.

According to Kaan, the bank has been in contact with affected customers and the matter “has been resolved” reports the publication.

Some Twitter users claim to have already either spent or withdrawn the money and if these claims are true, the bank has a mammoth task of recovering those funds ahead of them.


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