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Fly Time Paragliding In Sedgefield

A recent trip to Sedgefield allowed me the opportunity to go tandem paragliding in one of the top 10 paragliding sites in the world. Fly Time paragliding are by far the most professional and friendly paragliding company I have ever come across and I will be sure to use them on my next paragliding experience. There is nothing quite like the feeling of standing on top of a high hill, getting geared up and ready for take off with the most spectacular views before you.


Fly Time


My pilot for the day, Dion, layed out the paraglide on the grass, while Lucille got my ‘seat’ strapped to me. When Dion was ready he strapped himself to me and lightly lifted the strings attached to the wings in order to trap wind under the paraglide.

Before I knew it the wings were up in the air and i was running towards the edge of the hill. Once you get to the end, you are taken up and can sit back in your seat and relax.


Fly Time


The feeling of floating high above everything with a birds eye view over the very beautiful Sedgefield area is a something very difficult to describe. Breathtaking, phenomenal and extraordinary, are words that only merely describe my experience.

As you glide along, Dion was telling me that you get thermals rising from the ground and when you catch one of these you get more height (At least I think that’s what he said, I must say I was so blown away the views the overwhelmed with excitement that it was hard to concentrate on anything else!).


Fly Time


From where we were you could see the whole of Sedgefield with the sea running into the estuary and through the winding lagoon around the many hills. The forest below was exquisite and I was fortunate enough to see a gorgeous Hawk hunting a small bird below me.

I must have been up in the air for a good 20 minutes or so, but I assure you it felt like a lot longer before we circled around for landing. Now as you come in for landing you push yourself out of your seat so that your legs are free and as you come to the ground, you run a few steps with the pilot before coming to a stop and removing you gear.


Fly Time


I cannot express the wonderful feeling I experienced and this incredible sense of freedom and awe that takes over you when you are up in the air. This is certainly something I will remember for life and should I have the opportunity again, I would certainly go for another flight with Fly Time Paragliding, I would recommend them to anyone.


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