Five Types Of Single Men Women Encounter


Singlehood is an interesting journey that everyone needs to experience because of the different people one meets. Different individuals have diverse personalities and goals that helps one determine if they are indeed ‘the one’ for them. Women demand a lot when it comes settling down. Before they meet the right man, they interact with different types of single men as they seek the perfect partner. Through the interactions they get to know and understand whom they want to spend the rest of their lives with.
Here are the types of single men women encounter in their search for the right man:

Mr. Spiritual
This is the type of guy whose life is all about being religious. He wants both of you to pray together, read the bible, do devotion or go to church because he believes this is what will keep the relationship on track.

This is a great quality to find in a man but he tends to forget the relationship needs the fun activities like being flirty and natural even as he keeps the faith going for blessings. Despite the spiritual connection, keep the relationship active.

Mr. Intelligent
Mr. Intellect will stimulate your mind and make you have conversations about things you have never found interest in. He will engage you on politics, budgets, infrastructure and international events exposing you to new things from time to time.

This type of guy may friend zone you if you don’t break the ice and show him there is more fun. You need to make it clear that you want a long term relationship with you other than the serious conversations.

Mr. Adventure
He is the guy who loves doing adventurous activities and his kind of dates alternate between zip-lining, jogging, hiking, playing an outdoor game or trying out a new restaurant.
They are keepers and are rare to find but you have to keep your interests in play, suggest activities that you love to do or always wanted to lest they make you forget what you really are for.

Mr. Financial
This guy will spoil you. He will take you to the most expensive hotels, destinations and buy you expensive gifts. He is a good decision maker when it comes to business deals and will make you feel safe over your future because he knows how to make money. However, removing the money from the equation, in most cases, reveals a not so interesting man.

Mr. Pleaser
He will nurture a deep connection and chemistry between you two. Whenever you are together, goosebumps and fevers linger as the physical attraction between you two is always over the roof and can go to the next level in a second.happy couple

You acted fast towards him, he may have judged you and left you broken as you had believed there was ‘love’.


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