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Five Popular African Diaspora Restaurants To Try Out Anytime You Are In New Jersey

It’s usually a challenge finding your way around town when you travel to a place you’ve never been to before.

What makes this extra stressful is when you don’t have any immediate family and/or friends around to help make your stay a bit more convenient.

Just as any other foreigner would do, looking for the best eateries, as well as, hangout spots where you can at least have your favorite indigenous meals and interact with people within your social and cultural group is always a priority.

Most Africans are fortunate enough to have quite a handful of such popular places in the diaspora offering that home away from home feeling while at the same time giving them value for their money.

Just in case you find yourself in New Jersey, and you’re looking for African restaurants to grab a bite, these popular ones are worth a try:

1. Asanka Delight African Cuisine

A very popular African restaurant in New Jersey, Asanka Delight African Cuisine serves authentic West African dishes.

2. Cous Cous Moroccan Cuisine

Cous Cous Moroccan Cuisine is a must-visit if you’re looking at trying out some Moroccan food. The restaurant also has a lounge for those who want to let their hair down and enjoy authentic Moroccan music.

3. Abuja International Restaurant

Located in Union Township, Abuja International Restaurant serves mouthwatering African dishes. Their smorgasbord of African dishes “reflects indigenous traditions of North, East, and West Africa.”

You can also pass through during the weekends for live music.

4. Garden City Restaurant

Also located in Union Township, Garden City Restaurant specializes in Ghanaian, Togolese and Sierra Leonean dishes.

5. Olaide’s Kitchen

Located in Parlin and a very popular eatery, Olaide’s Kitchen serves delicious Nigerian dishes.


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