Five Of The Most Unusual Jobs In South Africa

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Here’s a look at five of the most unusual jobs on offer in South Africa

1. Guillotine Operator

Although it might sound like it, this job has nothing to do with beheadings, although there is some slicing involved in the role. But, instead of chopping off heads, guillotine operators slice their way through materials like paper and metal sheets.

2. Phlebotomist

This title might sound very unfamiliar, and it’s probably because it’s a very specialized job. Working as a phlebotomist means you’re employed in the medical field and your daily tasks include drawing blood from patients for clinical or medical testing, research, transfusions and more.

Average salary: R190 000 per year

3. Excellence Consultant

Today’s customers demand the highest standard of quality and won’t settle for products and services that are merely “good enough”, and that’s where excellence consultants come in. These professionals work hard at maintaining the best kind of customer service and can be seen as the quality police of the industry, ensuring companies adhere to the gold standards of service delivery.

Average salary: R280 000 per year

4. Data Wrangler

We live in a digital world where big data is big news. Data wranglers are responsible for ensuring business managers understand the ins and outs of their data. After a wrangler organizes a company’s data into a spreadsheet (that’s understandable on a human level), the business has all the tools it needs to make smart decisions that’ll help them gain a competitive advantage. Perhaps these guys are better known as data scientists for now, but the name makes even the most draining job sound super exciting!

Average salary: R580 000 per year

5. Brand Evangelist

Brand evangelists are also known as marketing brand managers. These guys believe in a product or service so fervently that they aggressively promote it to others.

Think about it this way: customers buy things and brand evangelists are the preachers that give prospective customers an in-depth review of products they bought, telling buyers exactly why they need to invest in the product or service too! Most of us know these men and women and brand ambassadors, but adding the term “evangelist” to the title just makes it sound a little more extraordinary.


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