Here are Five Guilty Pleasures we Crave From Home

We’ve narrowed the list of guilty cravings down to five, just to limit the amount of salivating you’ll do. Here’s our list:

  1. Perfectly ripe avo on toast

Avos ripened by the African sun. (Why oh why do they taste so much better at home?) Slightly burnt toast. Black pepper and pink salt. Oh, yes.

Image courtesy of Smitten Kitchen
Image courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

2. Eating a Steers burger on a Saturday 

You’re tired, the week was long, and your laziness levels are at an all-time high. What could be better than a hot, fresh from the griddle, dripping with Steers sauce, Steers burger? Well, very little, that’s for sure. Except maybe a Steers burger with chips.

Image courtesy of Steers

3. A snoek braai on the beach

Lemon, garlic, salt, and spices are all you need to bring out the egte Suid-Afrikaanse smaak of snoek. Braaied open and then eaten without cutlery, this experience is one that’ll have you yearning for the endless summer days you remember.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

4. Nik Naks on the steps of an Engen garage

There really is nothing quite like a packet of MSG-laced chips at two in the morning. Best eaten on a pavement outside a 24-hour garage shop with friends, and chased with a Steri Stumpie, this is a South African experience like no other.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

5. Koeksisters with rooibos on the patio

Deemed one of the worst things to eat if you’re dieting, a koeksister with its sticky-finger aftermath is so deliciously South African. Paired with a hot cup of rooibos on a friend’s sunny patio, it is the perfect accompaniment to endless chatter. Warning: these afternoons may lead into the evening when a chilled bottle of Sauvignon blanc will be cracked open.

Image courtesy of Eat Out / Masterchef SA

We can’t help with all five of these cravings, but to satisfy your desire for a Steers burger, download their app, or order online, and have your burger delivered to your door.

It’s so simple it may become your new Saturday ritual. You can thank us later.



Written by How South Africa

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