Five Celebrities Lasiwe Has Pissed Off With His Jokes

Lasizwe Dambuza, brother of Khanyi Mbau, has been a rising star in South African entertainment over the last few years
However, not everybody is thrilled about his success.

Lasizwe has found himself angering some of the country’s biggest celebrities, even his own sister at one stage!

Have a look at the five celebrities who Lasizwe has upset since he broke into local entertainment.


AKA was the victim of one of Lasizwe’s parodies after the comedian depicted the rapper’s cheating scandal at the time he (AKA) was dating Bonang.

Needless to say, the two haven’t been friendly since.




You can’t talk about Lasizwe’s celebrity enemies without mentioning Bonang, who was the main target of the aforementioned parody video.

Lasizwe dubbed his parody, ‘Being Boneng’ and Queen B didn’t see the funny side of his rendition. She later blocked him on social media.





Khanyi Mbau

Lasizwe’s own sister? While they are definitely not beefing, Khanyi admitted to being upset with her brother after he lied about buying a house in Sandton.

Speaking to DRUM magazine, Khanyi said: “I‘m very upset at him for doing that; he lied – the apartment is a rental. He told Fresh that he bought it and he went onto the breakfast show to speak about it and it’s not true.”


Candice Modiselle

When Lasizwe tried to complain about social media bullying, Candice Modiselle pointed out that he’s part of the problem.

By pointing out that he has made a career out of dragging people, Candice suggested that Lasizwe didn’t have a leg to stand on.


Omuhle Gela

After being interviewed by Lasizwe on Touch HD, Omuhle Gela went on to accuse the young presenter of not having done adequate research for their segment.

Lasizwe didn’t take this criticism lying down.




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