Fitness Blogger Shows Off Unbelievably Flat Tummy While Nine Months Pregnant (Video)

She’s nine months pregnant and there’s no sign of a baby bump.

Sarah Stage, who’s a fitness blogger, has posted an array of pictures of her baby ‘bump’ while continuing to do her daily routine of exercises.

On the 33-year-old’s recent post, the yummy mummy can be seen effortlessly doing sets of squats, lunges, and planking while donning a cute crop sports bra and leggings – showing off her tiny midriff.

“A lot of you are asking me how much longer I plan on working out during this pregnancy and the truth is: until I feel too tired/uncomfortable or when my doctor advises me to stop!” The social media star wrote on her post.

“Even though my workouts aren’t as intense and aren’t as frequent as before, I’ve noticed I have more energy during this pregnancy from exercising than I did during the last!” she wrote.

Although the brunette beauty, from Los Angeles, US, regularly keeps her 2,3 million Instagram followers in the loop with her pregnancy, they still can’t seem to believe that she’s actually nine months pregnant.

“Seriously? How is this even possible,” says an Instagram user.

“I’m still in shock that you’re pregnant, you don’t look it,” says another.

Another adorable picture shows Sarah, in a breath-taking blush coloured gown, standing next to her partner Kris Jason at their baby shower. There was still no hint of a baby bump in sight.

“I’d never want to push my lifestyle on anyone, I’m only sharing what makes me feel great and if you ever want to try, I think you’d love how you feel too,” she says.


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