5 Important Things To Know Before Getting Tattoo

A well done tattoo is more than just a tattoo, it’s a work of art. However, a spontaneous one can end up looking cheap. Thus, here are five important things you should know before getting your first tattoo:


This is a lifelong commitment so take the time to do the necessary research before you walk into that parlour. Look up tattoo artists and look up designs as well. Dig deep into this lifelong investment.

Go big or go home:

This is true of tattoos because the bigger the piece, the better and more visible the tattoo is. It looks cheap when you try to put together so many details in one cramped piece. Over time they also start to bleed and it looks horrible.


In choosing a piece for yourself, choose something that when you think about yourself twenty five years from now, you’ll be proud to have put it on yourself.

Job Stoppers:

There are tattoos that you have in certain places on your body and if you go to certain white collar job interviews, they could be an issue. Thus, leave the hand and neck tattoos for the rappers and artistes.

The pricier, the better:

The fact is that if the the tattoo artist is good and he quotes a high price, then he’s someone you should be talking to because if he seems to be good and he’s quoting something on the low side, he most likely is cutting some corners.


Above all things in this process, give this some time for preparation as this is a decision that you will live with for the rest of your life, literally. You will have to look at it everyday. Make sure you’re in a good place psychologically to do it. It also hurts to get it so don’t be drunk and take care of your skin leading up to when you get the tattoo.

source: Pulse.ng


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