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Fast and Furious: South African Man Loots Moving Truck, Social Media Users Dub Him ‘Bheki Diesel’

Last Tuesday, South Africa Live posted a video of a ‘jungle thief’ who was filmed hanging onto a moving truck while he attempted to rob it.

Social media users were left shocked over the man’s decision to put his own life at risk to commit a crime.

Dan Reddy commented: “Watching too much of fast n furious…. Bheki Diesel”

Wiza Clive Nkhata wrote: “But why is the person taking the video not alerting the truck driver….funny how you just watch a thief steal from your friends and act cool about it.”

However, we gathered some viewers pointed out the driver was also breaking the law.

Graham Mundell added: “Well overtaking around a corner they both deserve to go over the mountain.”

Eddie Mapeka wrote: “he overtook dangerously, on a double solid line n approaching a curve, ai! myb he was scared.”

Vuyo Jabulani Kwayiyo commented: “Isn’t the truck on the wrong side of the road while approaching a curve.”

Jeff Meneses said: “Notice the truck going over the barrier line and into the oncoming lane!! Then you have this clown with a death wish just begging for his life to be ended. Only in Africa surely.”

Take a look at the video below:


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