Fashion Rules Women Over 40 Should Definitely Trash

You may have read those “fashion rules” that dictate what women should be wearing when they reach a ‘certain age’.
To be honest, some of these rules are great… they help women avoid many fashion faux pas and ensure that they always look sophisticated, stylish and on-point. For example, if you’re over 40 you should probably avoid going out on a Friday night in a lumo pink mini and skin-tight crop top.

However, there are some fashion rules that women over 40 SHOULD break. Just because you are over 40 that does not mean you should be totally banned from wearing certain clothes!

Here are a few fashion rules that you should break when you are over 40:

Cover your legs
Just because you are over 40, that does not mean you should not show your legs. All you have to make sure of is that the skirt hem is not too high above the knee (keep it tasteful!). With shorts, make sure that they are also a tasteful length, and not too baggy. Bear these tips in mind and you are sure to look stylish.

Avoid ripped jeans
Ripped jeans are trendy right now and you can rock them even when you are over 40. Just opt for those that are not ripped too much and show too much skin – keep it stylish!

Don’t wear sleeveless clothes
Being over 40 does not mean you must always hide your arms. There are many amazing sleeveless clothes available that you can rock and will give you the perfect look. If you’re worried about your ‘bingo wings’ you can layer with a summery lace bolero.

Don’t wear leggings as pants
There is a wide variety of different types of leggings available in different designs, materials and colours. The tip here is to choose the right kind of shirt to pair with the leggings. Stick to single-colour leggings, and pair with a long and flowy shirt that covers your buttocks.

Avoid wearing high heels
The fact that there are so many high heels available is more than enough reason to continue accentuating your gorgeous calves & wear heels over 40. You can easily find high heels that are the perfect height and style for you. If you’re looking for something with a little more stability, try a wedge, or find a heel that ‘straps you in’ to the shoe like a glitzy gladiator-style heel.

Don’t wear leather
Everyone knows that leather instantly gives you that edgy look. Rock leather even when you are over 40 by choosing the right fit that suits your personal style and image. Avoid jackets emblazoned with logos and advertising. Opt for something simple, in a classic and timeless shape, and you’ll look super stylish!

Only wear one-piece swimming costumes
You are spoilt for choice when it comes to swimsuits because there are so many available in different designs and styles. You can still rock a bikini when you are over 40. If you’re worried about a few stretch marks showing, simply wear it with a cover-up. This way you will still feel confident, sexy and trendy.

Stay away from over-the-knee boots
Boots are must-haves for every woman. Over-the-knee boots are very chic and can instantly elongate your legs. They come in a wide variety of amazing designs, and all you have to do is to pair them the right way. Wear them with a skirt or dark skinny jeans and a stylish overcoat.

Only wear black
Just because you are over 40, that does not mean you must always dress as if you are always in mourning by wearing black. There are many great clothes available in beautiful bold colours that you can rock all year. Choose something that matches your skin tone, and enjoy rocking your 40s!

So you can still look trendy and stylish even when you are over 40. With such variety in fashion these days, you can easily find clothing that is trendy and appropriate for your age and taste.


Written by GR

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