Famous South African Cuisine You Must Eat

Try one of these Traditional South African Cuisine when visiting the country for a game or a wildlife adventure.

South African cuisine is a unique fusion of many different external cultural influences. These include Dutch, French, Indian and Malaysian flavours and techniques that continue to make their way onto the menus of restaurants and into the homes of locals all over the country. This has translated to a smorgasbord of textures, tastes and aromas that lure visitors back to sample more of the tasty treats on offer here.

South Africa is the country where diversity is everywhere, making it unique and interesting. Living up to its name as a nation with unique colors, South Africa also offers some interesting dishes that is a mix of dishes from several different cultures, including Dutch, French, German and British, but with a mix of the unique South African taste. Try one of these Traditional South African Cuisine when visiting the country for a game or a wildlife adventure.

South African Cuisine

South African Cuisine

Best South African Dishes:


The Melktert is a traditional South African tart made up of milk, butter, sugar, egg yolk and flour. This is a favorite household dish in the country.


South Africans take pride in informing their foreign guests that the delicious piece of sausage they have just enjoyed was snake meat. This ends up being quite believable to the unsuspecting foreigner because boerewors, especially when it is bought with its meat coiling around itself and the thickness of the sausage appearing to be the thickness of a snake itself, does indeed appear to be a dead snake. Boerewors, though, is a popular piece of meat, made up of minced beef and a uniquely South African blend of spices. It is enjoyed best on a braai (barbecue).


Pap is not that nca (meaning “nice”) by itself. But chakalaka adds that extra nca flavor, giving your pap vitality and life. Chakalaka is a spicy vegetable relish that is said to originate from some fiery Joburg mamas. Never eat it alone. Ever.

Mealie (Corn)

Maize is a huge staple crop in South Africa. The most traditional and common dish in the country is mealie pap, a porridge-like mixture made of white corn meal. Mealie pap is eaten for breakfast, and also as a side dish for any meal. Corn meal is also used to made breads and other items.


A Biltong is a jerky-type air-dried meat (usually beef) that is savored nearly everywhere by nearly everyone. It is a high protein snack that is enjoyed anytime of the day. These are thin-strips of meat that are marinated, cured and dried for 3-4 days.

Sosaties food

Sosaties food


Bredie or African Lamb Stew is a heavily spiced stew incorporating meat (typically lamb) and vegetables. One of its best-known version is the Tomato Bredie.


Sosaties or skewered meat with spicy sauce are marinated, cubed meat (usually lamb or prk) that are skewered and barbecued in the shish-kebab style. The meat is threaded with a variety of fruit or vegetable.


Frikkadels are really just small meat balls. They can be sweetened with chutney or flavored with herbs or even tomato based using some tomato puree for a different twist.


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