Facts you should know about flirting

Find out how to get that irresistible natural confidence and charm that will attract others.

Before you work the room you need to know some of the facts:

  • Flirting is about fun, connecting and getting to know people.
  • It’s about giving compliments and making people happy.
  • It’s all in the eyes and the smile.
  • Flirting is the art of being able to break down people’s barriers and make contact.
  • It’s about being able to keep a conversation going after “Hello”.
  • Flirting is a harmless, entertaining diversion that you can choose to take further if you wish.Most good flirts have these traits in common:
  • They know who they are.
  • They have empowering beliefs about themselves and others.
  • They’re able to establish rapport with almost anyone.
  • They know not everyone will love them, but view all people as interesting.
  • They’re upbeat and positive.
  • They use language in ways that make others feel connected and eager to participate.
  • They’re aware of their own reactions.
  • They’re aware of their sexual energy.
  • They pick up other people’s signals, know when to take flirting to the next level – and when to stop.
  • They have fun and can play like children.The importance of eye contact
  • When eyes meet, a spark is ignited which can be put out instantly – or fanned into a fiercely burning fire. Eye contact is an important part of the mating ritual, after all, humans are almost the only primates with the ability to have sex face to face.Eye contact is not just a wonderful way of signalling to a potential mate that you’re interested, and it’s actually a prerequisite for human communication.

    If you shy away from eye contact, try this:
    Next time you’re walking down the street (in a safe, busy, daylight environment), try making eye contact with as many people as possible.

  • When you notice someone you like, force yourself to make eye contact. You’d be surprised how many avoid eye contact with people they’re attracted to and end up flirting with people they aren’t interested in!
  • Notice what happens when you make eye contact and how you feel. If you feel uncomfortable, keep at it! You’re on the verge of feeling better. If you feel good, excellent – do more of it!
  • When you spot someone you want to get friendlier with, you can use longer eye contact with a smile to say: “Hello, I’m here.” Even longer eye contact says: “Hi, I’m here and I’m interested!” A few repeated eye contacts will drive the message home!The smile
    Eye contact coupled with a smile is the most powerful flirting tool. A smile has to start on the inside. Remembering yourself at your best is a great prelude to a smile.


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