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The Face Of A Woman Bumping Into Beyonce And Jay-Z Is Absolutely Priceless

Woman bumps into Jay-Z an dBeyonce in the corridor.

The face of a woman bumping into Beyonce and Jay-Z is just too good


If you’ve ever tried to imagine what would happen to your body if you accidentally bumped into the king and queen of music, this picture is probably an accurate representation, minus the voiding of your bladder which will inevitably happen (thankfully that doesn’t seem to have happened here)

And, as IF that wasn’t life changing enough, imagine Beyonce herself uploading the image of your starstruck face to her own Instagram and thus 110 million followers.


Well this lady doesn’t have to, because it has happened to her when she accidentally bumped into Jay-Z and Beyonce waltzing through a hotel corridor, which in itself is mind-blowing. Surely the power couple stay in a castle in the clouds rather than fratenising with us muggles?

But no, they also holiday in regular hotels, and this lucky lady’s face says absolutely everything you need to know about this situation.

The face of a woman bumping into Beyonce and Jay-Z is just too good
She’s actually just remembered that she left the iron on


Of course fans could do nothing but love this pic, with one saying: ‘Deeply, spiritually connected to this photo of a woman gaping in awe at the sight of beyonce.’

Another added: ‘When you realize you’re lucky to be alive during the same era as Beyonce.’ And a third made an accurate reading of the situation: ‘When your granny finds out God is a black woman.’

But our favourite response is this, so on the money. Why didn’t Beyonce just crop the woman out? Because Beyonce: ‘LMAOO this has me weak cause she could’ve easily cropped that woman out but she said “NO. I AM BEYONCÉ. WATCH HOW THE PEASANTS LOOK AT ME.’

And naturally it’s not the only jaw-dropper from this couple from the Grammys.

Or rather, from their family, as Blue was the subject of another priceless moment, when she calmly let her parents know they were being majorly uncool by applauding for too long.





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