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Spier is a magnificent wine farm located on the banks of the Eerste River in the Stellenbosch area, about 50 kilometres from Cape Town. In 1692 the first free burghers made their way from the Cape colony to found farms in this region. As one of the original farms of the area, Spier is well-known for its cultural andhistorical importance, as well as its beautiful Cape Dutch architecture which was inspired by medieval Europe styles and is unique to South Africa (especially the Western Cape).

The farm boasts an incredibly lush garden in which you can enjoy a picnic, either brought from home or purchased from the ‘Eight to Go Deli’ which offers fantastic ready-to-eat food. Picnics from the Deli can be booked 24 hours in advance and can include tasty eats such as pasture-reared cold cuts, farm cheeses, fresh salads, breads, and dips (as well as a delicious bottle of wine, of course). This Deli follows the same principles as the classy ‘Eight restaurant’, which is also found on the farm. There is also the Moyo restaurant that is located near the entrance to the farm beneath old Oak trees, providing a relaxed atmosphere with a unique African feel to it, complete with traditional face painting. Choose to enjoy your meal in your own exclusive tent or book a treetop table for an incredible dining experience with lovely views.
















Also on the farm is an exquisite luxury hotel. The rooms are peppered around six exclusive courtyards, each with its own dedicated swimming pool, connected by gardens and walkways with the reception area, lounge, bar, veranda and restaurant.

The farm is most famous for itscontemporary wines. On the property is an original Dutch gabled barn that acts as a Wine Tasting Centre in which you sample various tasty wines and are treated to an educational experience that provides you with an appreciation for excellence.

Aside from the marvellous food and wine that Spier has to offer, there are also a range of activities on the farm in which you can partake:

  • The Equestrian Centre that offers horse and pony rides
  • A dedicated play area for children
  • Informational guided walking and Segway tours through the vineyards and Protea Garden
  • Eagle Encounters
  • Spier also houses one of the most comprehensive modern art collections in the country, providing yet another reason to make this farm a ‘must see’.

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