Ex UEFA Boss Arrested For 2022 Qatar World Cup Probe

According to sources close to the situation, it has been alleged that former UEFA chief, Michel Platini, has been placed under arrest.

Why has Michel Platini been arrested?

It is believed that the matter is in connection with the probe into the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

Nine years ago, FIFA faced criticism for allowing the Gulf state an opportunity to host the world’s biggest sports tournament.

It was also uncovered that Platini had cast a bid for Qatar to host the World Cup. Now, it appears as if investigators from the French Anti-Corruption Agency have reason to believe that the former UEFA boss had a little more to do with the Gulf state’s victory.

When will Platini’s suspension be lifted?

As reported, the 63-year-old was due to have his suspension from the sports body lifted in four months. After serving as the UEFA president for eight years — between 2007 and 2015 — Platini was banned by Fifa’s ethics committee for violating the ethics code.

A source close to the footballing body had, in 2015, tipped off the ethics committee about Platini’s involvement in releasing a backdated payment of $2-million to his predecessor and close friend, Sepp Blatter.

Although he has vehemently refuted claims that this was all done according to the books, the ex-UEFA boss, along with Blatter, was handed down a four-year ban from participating in any sports activities.

Unfortunately, Platini may not be around to enjoy his return to the business of football. Not much information has been made available at this point, besides the fact that his arrest has got something to do with Qatar.

Asked in a recent interview about his suspension, Platini hinted at a smear campaign that was targeted against him and Blatter by dark forces within the footballing body.

“It was a plot and only justice will decide, because FIFA will never help you,” he said.

This is a developing story.


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