Everyday Habits That Hinder You From Pooping As Necessary

Constipation simply means When you under go stress before pooping or find it difficult to poop as necessary

Almost every one of us must have suffered from constipation, which is mostly due to unhealthy eating habits. Right from drinking less water and increasing the intake of spicy and processed foods, here are some common dietary mistakes which we should stop committing to prevent constipation.

Not drinking enough water: It is a known fact that dehydration is one of the common causes of constipation. And hence, staying hydrated is the best way to lower your risk of constipation. Include freshly prepared fruit juices, coconut water and soups in your diet.

Fasting: If you have been fasting regularly, then you might be at a high risk of constipation as lack of water and food intake will only worsen the condition. Also skipping breakfast could put you at high risk of constipation. Hence, make sure you eat at regular intervals.

Spicy foods: It goes without saying that spicy food is the worst enemy for people who are at a high risk of constipation as it further irritates the stomach and worsens the condition. Also, post delivery, mothers are advised not to eat spicy food for at least 40 days, as it increases the risk of constipation.

Refined foods: Stay away from refined foods like bread as these foods are devoid of fibre and if present, have minimal amount of fibre, which increases your risk of constipation. Hence, replace refined foods with fibre-rich foods to prevent constipation.

Coffee: If you have a habit of starting your day with a cup of coffee, replace it with green tea. This is because coffee is rich in caffeine which can cause dehydration, thereby putting you at a risk of constipation.


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