Is Euphonik’s Property Business Booming?

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We’ve had many celebrities die poor in the industry and DJ Euphonik is not in the business of being a struggling artists as he recently revealed that the money flow for 2018 is signed and sealed.

DJ Euphonik who has been slammed by Twitter for urging his Twitter followers to venture into property on Black Friday


is laughing all the way to the bank as he is cashing in property money now.


The DJ revealed in a recent interview on Trending SA that not only was his music career growing bigger and going global but that he is already done with property space for 2018 saying:

“Musically, my international career is taking off in a very big way and on the property space, we’re already in 2019, 2018 is already finished…hundred percent occupancy, we’re done, now working on 2019.”

Euphonik went on to share why he ventured into property.

“In 2006 I was making more money than I ever thought I could ever make…so I started asking the right questions, if I wanna grow my money, what’s the best vehicle to grow it in? And everyone I was speaking to said property, property, property,” he said

The DJ who owns a number of student accommodation spaces in Johannesburg today went on to add that the first house he bought was his first step into student accommodation.

“The first house that I bought was a house in a student area, so while I was living there I was renovating it and fixing it up, so that when I moved out, I could immediately rent it out to students and then move on to the next one…so I was buying flats…” he said

And incase you were wondering what this Instagram post meant….


Euphonik revealed that his music career is set to grow even bigger as he’s set to hit the Big Apple but he will only announce his big announcement in June saying:

“I can’t say anything about that till June, but it’s big, it’s New York, it’s Miami, it’s global”


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