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Enhle Mbali Tests Positive For Covid-19

SA’s TV presenter and fashion designer Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has revealed that she has tested positive for Covid-19.

The “Sincerely Yours” host penned an Instagram post in which she spoke about the struggles she faced over the last 3 years and said that even though she has been careful, she still contracted the virus.

“I also tested positive for covid as careful as I am. They even make fun of me on set. Yesterday was the worst days, I was pretty sure my chest would give in, I gave myself permission to heal and also to ask for help”, she wrote.

Mbali also said that although she had gone through challenging times, she was grateful.

“The last 3 years have been testing. Emotionally, physically and mentally. I have been through so many life changes and I’m grateful as the universe continues to show me my greatness, even when it was being viciously stripped away from me, and none (sic) existent finish lines were being drawn on the ground and removed just before I reach them, the spirit of hopelessness would knock at my door reminding me of my unhappiness”, she added.

In the post, she also left some pearls of wisdom for her followers. “I have always known I am not a victim and don’t act the part, but now more than ever I understand no one else gives permission but yourself. People lie in your name’s sake. They will cheat, mistreat you, allow others to mistreat you only because you give them permission”.

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