Emmaus District Hospital Built a Massive Playground Upgrade For kids

The Emmaus District Hospital got a massive playground upgrade to benefit all the children treated there. The staff were overjoyed by the revamp for the kids.The Emmaus District Hospital is located in Winterton. The paediatric ward at Emmaus District Hospital received a play area makeover, with Berg & Bush sponsoring the upgrades and working closely with hospital’s clinical manager Dr Olivia Donald to make the changes happen.

Every year the Grindrod Bank hosts the Berg & Bush mountain bike event just 10km away from Winterton. This year they wanted to focus on building a playground for the children of the hospital and not only one for the adults that take part in the event.

Upgrades to the play area included a shaded outside area covered with Easigrass and filled with plastic climbing toys and blocks. Inside the ward, puzzles, plastic tables and chairs, books and new plastic toys were donated to keep the kids entertained for the duration of their stay.

“The improvements are fantastic, and make a big change to what the children played on and with previously,” – Dr Olivia Donald.

The R50 000 upgrade means that children can now play outside and be entertained in a safe, fun environment, which promotes and encourages learning, play and recovery.

“Being able to uplift the paediatric ward at Emmaus Hospital was a wonderful opportunity, and just a small way for us to give back to the surrounding community,”

“We are a very community-focussed event. During the three Berg & Bush rides, all our water points are hosted by charitable groups and other organisations which are able to raise funds and awareness for their respective causes. You’ll find at the Berg & Bush you have to stop and eat because everyone is competing to put on the best water point. As an event that is proud of our region and community, we are constantly looking to give back in some way.” – Gary Green, Race Founder

The staff at the hospital were overjoyed by the changes. Most of the children stay at the hospital for two months while being treated, some much longer, and their mothers are required to stay with them. The upgrade means that both children and parents have a happier stay.



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