Emerging R&B Sensation Hunter Rose Talks About Her New Music And Recognition

SA R&B singer, song writer and photographer Hunter Rose recently dropped her debut EP, “Love & Trust” and was recognised by Apple music.

Tell us about Love & Trust, what was the inspiration behind it?

“Love & Trust”” was inspired by the entire journey leading up to the release. The project was written over two years and is a reflection of the experience’s I went through and the stories I wanted to tell. The main focus was definitely love and different versions of love…self-love, romantic love and love for my environment. 

But it definitely came down to the actual song. “Love & Trust”…Track 5 that I wrote while on tour in Switzerland, that was a love letter to myself and a gentle ode to my journey which I thought tied the project together nicely. 

Is there a particular theme and if so why? 

Themes of love, liberation and expression were very dominant in the writing and creative process. 

I wanted to really express my sorrow, love and excitement for life and I thought it was necessary to be a little more broad and experimental with my stories, solely because it is my first solo offering and I wanted to give myself and others the freedom to experience and express themselves and most importantly feel through a range of sounds, feeling and emotions.

How did you approach the writing process?

Every song came with a different set of emotions and environments but I tried to push myself a little bit more every time. 

Whether it was with content or vocal range/ tone but most of my songs are either written in the session from scratch or pre-written before a session or most commonly, inspired by a freestyle. 

How would you describe the lyrical content?

Definitely centered around love…it has a strong R&B feel. Very honest, real and relatable. 

I also think it’s a balance between a more poetic and abstract approach while being very conversational.

In terms of its sound, how would you define it?

Definitely Neo soul and R&B soul. I’m inspired by so many genres and artists like soul, blues, funk and it’s undeniable that those elements shine through even when I think I’m channeling classic R&B

Which track means the most to you and why?

Definitely ‘Love & Trust” I named the project after it and also because the lyrics often reassure me and hopefully everyone else listening that you need to honour your journey and love your life no matter what because in essence that will determine how well you love others. 

What do you hope people take away from this EP?

Mostly a body of work that will comfort whoever’s listening. 

A soundtrack to life and a space where they can really feel and be and also share that with others. As well inspire people to reflect unapologetically and without shame and find bravery in vulnerability.

What does your Apple Music nod mean to you?

It means the world to me. These are the things you work for as an artist and to see it finally materialize, reassures me that the future is bright and that there’s is a space for R&B/soul women in the SA music industry. 

Something I’ve hoped would come back to SA. It’s an exciting time…I’m so grateful and I can’t wait to honour those who support me and continue to support me and those who are yet to experience Hunter Rose. 

Thank you to Apple music once and again and thank you to you for these wonderful questions and your time.


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