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Emaciated Pit Bull Pup Dies in The Caring Hands of SPCA

“We named him Asha. It’s a Hindi word that implies hope,” said senior SPCA inspector Salomé Bruyns after the demise of an emaciated pit bull terrier they safeguarded last Friday

Asha couldn’t be saved. He must be put to rest soon thereafter because of extensive damages to his organs.

Garden Route SPCA’s Wendy Jones said: “The vet deemed his organs too damaged to keep him alive and he would have suffered even more. He was held by loving hands as he was put to sleep so he had at least one short happy moment.”

According to Jones, the trainee SPCA inspector, Andrea Auerbach, was called to New Dawn Park in Pacaltsdorp about a dying dog on Friday morning, November 30. On arrival, she found a crowd gathered around the yard in question.

“The woman who called the SPCA said that the extremely emaciated, chained pit bull lying on the ground belonged to her son who works in Cape Town and periodically comes to visit. She herself had been away for two months and when questioned said that she had asked no one to feed the dog while she was away,” said Jones.

What Auerbach found most shocking was that a well-fed, plump dog with scars that could be the result of fighting, was chained up in the same yard, merely a metre away.

“The person that fed the other dog regularly walked right past this starving dog to feed the other one,” said Auerbach.

The Pacaltsdorp police communications officer Sgt Shadelle Fisher confirmed a case of animal cruelty was opened by the SPCA on Tuesday morning. By the time of publication, no arrests had been made.

The George Herald will be following up on this and other cases of this nature.

According to Bruyns, two other similar cases had been opened at the Pacaltsdorp police station, one dating back to 2016 and another from last year.

“Charges were laid, but we have not yet received any feedback as to their progress.”


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