Elon Musk Unveils Revolutionary Electric Pickup [Video]

Tesla have finally lifted the lid off the pick-up truck that Elon Musk has been teasing for as long as I can remember. The move into the pick-up truck market is an exciting one and could end up being the first Tesla model to gain mainstream acceptance.

Having said that though Elon Musk and his team at Tesla aren’t going to make it easy. The CyberTruck was dramatically released complete with sledgehammer-wielding designers showing off the strength of the Tesla pick-up truck.

Bringing the Cybertruck to fruition

Musk has been toying with the idea of a Tesla Pick-up truck since 2012. The electric vehicle platform is ideally suited to the workload required from a pick-up truck. Ultimately this was always going to end up being an overpowered beast of a machine.

What we didn’t expect was for it to look like something from Blade Runner. The CyberTruck is a total departure from what Tesla have done with their passenger cars. This is a no-nonsense workhorse with function favoured over form.

tesla cybertruck elon musk

The design won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but Elon Musk has proven thus far that he’s happy to be divisive.

Sturdy vehicle, despite the window breaking

During the demonstration of the CyberTruck Musk had Franz von Holzhausen attack the door of the truck with a sledgehammer. The truck held up to the abuse with Holzhausen declaring the doors are practically bulletproof.

Apart from its feats of strength Musk also played videos of the CyberTruck challenging and beating a Ford F150 in a tug-of-war as well as beating a Porsche 911 in a drag race. This new Tesla is no joke.

Of course what can go wrong invariably will. The “armoured” glass failed to stand up to a metal ball thrown at it by Holzhausen which left Musk a little red-faced. He did manage to inject some of his typically dry humour as he declared “We’ll fix it in post”.

Cybertruck: Release date and cost

Tesla’s CyberTruck won’t be available until late 2021 with the Model Y scheduled for release at the end of 2021. The CyberTruck will come in three variants:

  • a single motor rear-wheel drive which will have a 3.4-ton towing capacity and be able to go 0-100km/h in under 6.5 seconds and with a 400km range
  • a dual-motor all-wheel-drive capable of towing 4.5 tons, able to go from 0-100 km/h in under 4.5 seconds and has a range of 480km
  • A triple motor all-wheel drive which can tow 6.3 tons and go from 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds with an 800km range

The three models will cost $39 900, $49 900 and $69 900 (R586 436, R733 412 and R1 027 365 at the time of publishing) respectively.

Watch: Elon Musk unveiling Cybertruck


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