Elegant Wedding Cakes You Can Bake in Your Own Kitchen

fruits cake preparation

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and delicious cake that you can serve at your wedding, then look no further. Here are six of our best layer cake recipes that are sure to impress your guests.

S’mores chocolate cake

Yes, we’re back with the chocolate! This elegant cake, topped with bronzed meringue is luxurious, delicious and easy to assemble at home.

Luxe chocolate cake

Yes, a white cake may be the traditional style, but don’t you want to eat a chocolate cake that you’ll love on your special day? Tip: buy the macarons from your local bakery, and cut your baking time.

Vertical red velvet cake

This beautiful cake is simple on the outside, and just stunning on the inside. Decorate the cake with bright flowers to match your wedding theme.

Meringue layer cake

Say yes to the crunch with this meringue and pastry layered cake. Top off with fresh flowers for an understated wedding cake.


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