Elana Afrika Slammed for ‘Distasteful’ Tweet About Cleaning Houses for a Living

Elena Afrika

Elana Afrika sparked outrage on twitter after her comments about cleaning houses for a living was seen as “disrespectful” towards domestic workers earning minimum wage.

The TV personality faced the wrath of Twitter when she said that cleaning the house was so therapeutic, she understood why people did it for a living.

Many of her followers were shocked and angered by her comments, and labelled it “insensitive” and “disrespectful” to those who had no choice but to clean houses for a living.

Elana initially responded to the backlash by telling a follower that she was being “too serious”.

Only to later tell another follower that she had not meant to offend anyone with the tweet.

When Elana was contacted for comment, she agreed to respond to questions in writing, however had not done so by the time of publishing.









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