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EFF Uniforms Along with Expensive Bag and Cellphone Spark Debate

We recently shared a photo of an EFF MP dressed as a domestic worker, but sitting with R16000 designer bag and an R18000 iPhone.

Briefly asked ordinary South Africans what they thought.

Here’s what Mzansi had to say.

The response was divided, with some saying that the expensive items proved the EFF did not actually feel a solidarity with the poor, while others thought the issue was being exaggerated.

“The pro-poor agenda is not for joining the masses in their poverty but to uplift them to the better life, it not about what you wear or drive but the vision you have in changing the lives of the people,” commented one user, Nattie Naiza.

“So do we expect them to carry plastic bags at work?” asked another poster.

Others added that they had no problem with the EFF buying luxury items, as long as they used money from their own salaries.

However, some were not so impressed by the display. One user, Vincent Mofephe, said it was a mockery of poor south Africans. He went on to say that Julius Malema has often worn an expensive Rolex watch under his worker’s overalls.

“Those guys always contradict themselves. Bloody hypocrites,” added Clifford Moholo.

All in all, Mzansi appeared to be sharply divided on the issue. It remains to be seen how South Africans will feel on voting day.

Written by Mathew

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