Edge Chromium: Here’s Microsoft’s New And Improved Browser

Microsoft released its Chromium Edge browser, much to the delight of users who need a change from the outdated Edge. The new browser is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and macOS.

The latest browser offering from Microsoft is based on the Chromium open-source project, allowing it to leverage the power of Chromium code.

Windows 10 shipped with an Edge browser which is built using its propriety edgeHTML engine. The change to Chromium is a significant departure for the company, which will help improve the Chromium codebase.

A significant update

Microsoft claims to have already made over 1 900 contributions to the Chromium project for functionality like accessibility, touch, speech, and digital inking.

This does, however, mean that there will be less variety in the browser space with Microsoft now focusing on the development of its Chromium Edge browser. 

Chromium Edge will, therefore, add to the Chromium project rather than providing completely different technology as Mozilla does with Firefox.

A year in the making

Microsoft kicked off its development of the Chromium for Edge project at the end of 2018 with August 2019 seeing its first Chromium Edge Beta release. 

Along with the new technology powering Microsoft’s browser, the Chromium Edge will also get a re-brand.

Rebranding Edge

A green and blue wave shape has now replaced the iconic blue ‘e’ which has graced Microsoft browsers for decades (which still kind of has an e feel to it, I guess).

Being a Chromium-based browser, the good news is that it will support Chrome extensions. A lot of extensions have been ported to the Microsoft store.

If you can’t find the extension you want in the Microsoft store, you will also be able to check the option to “Allow extensions from other stores” in the settings. This will let you install Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

In addition to extension support, the browser boasts 4k streaming, Dolby audio, inking in PDF as well as privacy tools. 

A privacy-conscious alternative

When it comes to privacy, Microsoft is positioning itself as a privacy-conscious alternative to Chrome. Tracking prevention is on by default, and you will be able to choose from three levels of privacy control much the same way you’re able to in Firefox.

For users who are already running “legacy” Edge in Windows 10, Microsoft will eventually deploy the Chromium Edge browser as an update to users.

Installing the browser manually is pretty painless and took me just a few minutes. Importing my settings from my previous browser was similarly quick and painless and starting up in the new browser felt like a seamless transition.

The Chromium Edge Browser can be downloaded directly from Microsoft and is available in over 90 languages.


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