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“My Duty Is To Keep My Mother Smiling” – Sfiso Ncwane’s Son, Ngcweti

ayanda and son

SfisoNcwane ‘s son Ngcweti took to Instagram this week to post a picture of himself alongside his mother Ayanda.

In the caption, Ngcweti opened up about his battle to keep his mother smiling.

“My duty and [my] little brother [‘s] is to keep this smile on her face. But sorry my queen we are not dad but we are trying, right,” he wrote. 

He added that if anyone wanted to “fight” Ayanda they would have to “deal” with him.

This was not the first time that Sfiso’s sons have promised to protect their mother.

Taking to Instagram just days after his father’s death, eight-year-old Mawenza Ncwane wrote: “My hero daddy. We will always protect mommy for you.”


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