Drunk Driver Allegedly Smashes Through Gate, Two Walls And Into Police Building

Just After crashing his Land Rover into a police building on Thursday, the motorist was apprehended for driving under the influence of alcohol.

It is suspected that the Lyttelton Manor, Centurion resident passed out while his foot was still on the accelerator, police spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach said.

To make matters worse, the man also smashed the gate to his house before the car gained momentum and crashed through a wall on the property, Weilbach said.

Weilbach said he landed up in his neighbour’s yard, where he also hit the neighbour’s wall. But, as one often sees in action movies, the car remained in motion, she said.

“He drove over the busy Clifton Avenue while miraculously missing all oncoming traffic. He then crashed through the police station’s fence and right into some detective offices,” she added.

No one was in the offices and no injuries were reported.

Weilbach said the building was badly damaged and dockets had to be removed and taken to another safe building.

“Some offices are without electricity, as the power box was also damaged,” she added.

The man is expected to appear in court soon.


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