A Drone Picks This Amazing Glory Hole, Sucks In Anything Too Close In Range- WATCH!

At one point the drone gets too close to the ‘Glory Hole’ and almost gets sucked in.

Lake Berryessa in California’s Napa County is a picturesque place. The Beautiful lake is held back by the Monticello Dam and is home to the famous ‘Glory Hole’. Why the weird name you ask? Actually, the spillway resembles a morning glory flower, hence the name.

The Glory Hole is 72 feet wide and the water drops to a depth of 200 feet straight down. Since California is going through a drought, the spillway last saw some good action more than a decade ago. But some record rains in January and February this year has resulted in the lake reaching its maximum capacity.

Checkout this awesome drone video of thousand of litres of water gushing down a hole:


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