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Drama As Woman Storms Wedding Ceremony To Do This Weird Thing To The Groom In Front Of Everyone

A South African man identified as Peter Mavuso, got the embarrassment of his life when his bitter ex-girlfriend splashed him with human waste at his wedding to another woman.

The cheeky ex, Philile Shongwe (21) has since been slapped with crimen injuria charges and sentenced to two years in prison with an option of a E2 000 fine for spoiling her ex’s special suit.
According to Swazi Observer, Shongwe had five litres of human waste in a container which she offloaded on Mavuso infront of invited guests. The matter was heard by Principal Magistrate Fikile Nhlabatsi .
She did not waste the court’s time as she pleaded guilty to the offence and further asked for forgiveness.
“I was driven by anger, I was not supposed to do what I did, I am sorry,” she said.
However, her apology did not convince Mavuso and his newly-wedded wife as they sat unmoved in the public gallery section before quietly moving out soon after Shongwe’s sentencing.
After the judgment, Shongwe openly complained about being kept behind bars. She ordered her family to make means of getting her out.
After Sunday’s stinky incident at the wedding, she has been referred to as the human waste girl.
Mavuso managed to summon strength to continue with the wedding.
In a brief interview with local media, Shongwe said she was hurting after being lied to by Mavuso. She said she had been dating Mavuso for over three years and had been promised marriage.
The pregnant 21-year-old said her main aim was to end the wedding ceremony because Mavuso had turned against her yet she was carrying his child.
“He started by lying to me about the number of children he has as I discovered he had another child besides the five-year-old I knew.
“He was also staying with the mother of the child and when I addressed this, he promised me he would move out. He told me he was being forced to stay at his girlfriend’s parental home,” she alleged.
Shongwe further alleged that she was insulted by the woman his former boyfriend eventually married.
Mavuso claimed he only dated Shongwe for less than five months.
He said he did not know she was pregnant as she never told him when they separated in November.
“I only discovered about it when I heard she was planning to officially report it at home but she did not find my elders. She did not tell me anything, in fact we were no longer on speaking terms with her.
“I do not know about the pregnancy and I will not entertain it as I am not ready to see her again. I do not know what will happen. I cannot even sleep well or eat well, I am worried that human waste had muthi. All I want now is to meet her prophet so I can find out why he ordered her to throw human waste at me,” he said.

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