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“Don’t Ever Compare Me With Trump!” – Zuma Warns

Jacob Zuma

The presidency has reacted negatively to citizens comparing president Jacob Zuma to the 45th US president, Donald Trump.

The presidency expressed its feeling on the said comparison after Journalist and talk radio host Eusebius McKaiser wrote a column a few days ago comparing U.S. President Donald Trump to our own Zuma, and he wasn’t impressed.

In the column, Journalist McKaiser labeled both presidents as  “dangerous, devious demagogues that show us the limits of democracy.”

The radio presenter said While Trump was addicted to “bullshit” Zuma was himself a bullshiter. McKasier, who went further to explain what bullshitter is and how bullshitters like Zuma and Trump are worse than liars, said the two presidents don’t even value the truth. Liars on the other hand value the power of the truth and actually have a fear of being exposed as peddling lies.

Liars, in short, understand the cost of lying and are therefore always worried about their attempts to pass as truthful. But Zuma, like Trump, is never worried about the truth coming out or catching up with him, the journalist said, citing how Zuma pretends to speak his mother tongue so the media will find it difficult to interpret what he means.

“All these still happen despite the fact that “black journalists don’t become monolingual once they arrive in Johannesburg.” Reacting to this, the presidency hit back at the journalist saying: “Zuma and his camp took offence to this kind of invectives and swear words being used.”

Referring to the comparison as ‘specious and grotesque’, the presidency said the journalist engaged in a defamation of someone’s character and dignity. The reply also seemed to give Mckaiser a slap on the wrist reminding the journalist that “inherent in the freedom of speech is refraining from violating the dignity of other people…”

The comment by the talk radio host Eusebius McKaiser seems to be echoing the words of South African comedian and actor Mr Trevor Noah who launched a series of onslaughts on President Jacob Zuma and American President-elect, Donald Trump, last year.

Nkandla Residents Taking on the two world leaders, Trevor, a die-hard critic of Donald Trump; said the new face of America shares so many things in common with South African President Zuma.

He said Trump and Zuma are brothers from different mothers and like Trump, President Zuma has a large rural base, rains abuses on the media, threatens to lock up political opponents.

He, however, asserted that the only difference between the two is that President Zuma doesn’t have an influence on the South African judicial system, unlike Trump who does over the United States courts.


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