‘Don’t Drink Drive’ – Pretoria Law enforcement Authorities

Pretoria Law enforcement authorities have intensified their operations in preparation for the increase in traffic volumes heading into the Easter weekend.

Tshwane Metro Police Department on Tuesday launched its annual Easter road safety operation by holding a roadblock at the Wallmannsthal off-ramp on the N1.

City mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa, who was at the roadblock, urged motorists to drive carefully.

Roads leading to various destinations become death traps during the long weekend, Ramokgopa said.

Tshwane metro police officers warned motorists exceeding the speed limit, among other unlawful behaviour on the road, that they would be fined or arrested. Motorists were also urged not to drink and drive.

The legal alcohol limit of 0.05g/100ml is exceeded after just two standard beers, and motorists suspected of being over the limit will be breathalysed.

Metro police spokesman Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba said an intense plan involving all stakeholders was in place to ensure a positive outcome and promote road safety. Traffic officers would be maintaining high visibility on all national routes.

These would be accompanied by roving roadblocks and roadworthiness tests for all vehicles at strategic points within the metro.

Acting deputy chief of police Jenny Malan said they were determined to ensure the safety of all motorists and passengers during the Easter weekend.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation said there would be zero tolerance of traffic violations. Spokesman Simon Zwane said it was urging all passengers to wear seatbelts and for children to be in child seats.

The president of Concerned Tshwane Liquor Traders, Oupa Mthombeni, said most accidents were a result of drunken driving.

He said the organisation was holding a campaign in the communities encouraging liquor traders not to sell alcohol to driving customers.

He added that they planned to confiscate car keys of motorists who were drunk, or call their next of kin to fetch them.

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