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Do You Drink Soda Straight From The Can? Here Are The Reasons You Shouldn’t

It can be quite refreshing, opening a can of soda straight from the fridge and taking a sip. Ahhh, that’s better. Yes we know, most sodas are full of sugar and even the diet variety isn’t very healthy for us, but we still like to have some every now and then. Do you often drink straight from the can? Then we’ve got bad news for you because after reading this you’ll probably rather grab a glass.

Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t drink straight from the can:

1. Taste

This is not the main reason to avoid drinking from a can, but some people hate the metallic taste of sodas from a can. There are microscopic little holes in the lacquer that make it possible for the aluminium taste to seep through. Our tongues are very sensitive to the taste of metal, so for many people, this is a dealbreaker. If you have noticed you don’t enjoy the taste of soda from a can as much as from a bottle, we’d advise buying bottled soda.

2. E. coli

Even though the majority of canned sodas are completely safe, there are risks of contamination. Think about how many people have touched the can before you put it in your fridge. In the 2017 TV programme, The Doctors researchers took a selection of soda cans from gas stations, vending machines and supermarkets and tested how much bacteria was on them. The results were quite alarming! Most cans were clean, but some were contaminated with the E. coli bacteria. This bacteria can cause diarrhoea, trouble breathing and pneumonia.

 3. BPA

Bisphenol A, more commonly known as BPA, is often used in plastic bottles. It is a dangerous substance that can seep into your soda and cause hormonal imbalances. Even though many manufacturers decided to take it out of their products, the chemical is still an important part of aluminium cans. A study from the American Heart Association in 2014 revealed that the BPA in cans can cause high blood pressure and heart diseases.

4. Vermin

Everything that’s been on the floor of a shop or a factory is at risk of being exposed to vermin like mice and rats. Usually, food is protected enough by it’s wrapping to ensure vermin can’t get in. However, when drinking from a can, you are drinking from the place vermin can get to! If you believe the horror stories on the internet, you can die from consuming rat urine. Even though that’s probably an exaggeration, we don’t think it’s very pleasant to drink from a can that has possible urine or feces on it. We recommend rinsing the can before drinking from it.

5. Nausea

When you think about it, a can of soda has made a long journey before you bring it to your lips. It’s made in a factory, filled with soda, sealed, transported from place to place before being put on the shelves by supermarket personnel. Who knows who or what has touched the aluminum exterior before you touch it? To prove this a television station in Texas tested a few random cans. They found proof of stenotrophomonas maltophilia, pseudomonas luteola and the Enterobacter cloacae infection, which can all cause illnesses.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you are certain to get ill from drinking from a can. However, it’s best to rinse a can before drinking from it or use a glass.


Written by Mathew

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